Weather videos from the Bay Islands


These videos were posted during the storms. Now brought back by popular demand.

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Wilma   -   The Finale Wilma, 01/17/2006, the final act, 3 months later                  

Paradise Returns After the storms                                                                  

TD - 27; Day 2 Tropical Depression 27, 11/19/2005, became Gamma        

TD - 27; Day 1 Tropical Depression 27, 11/18/2005                                   

Beta Beta, 10/29-30/2005, a smaller storm but still exciting          

Wilma  -   the cleanup Wilma, 10/26/2005, the cleanup that followed                     

Wilma -  the afternoon Wilma, 10/20/2005, afternoon, south side of the storm        

Wilma  -   the morning Wilma, 10/20/2005, 147 nm  off  the  East  end  of  Roatan

Wilma -  the beginning Wilma, 10/19/2005, gathering steam NE of the Bay Islands

A Norther The last "Norther" of the season passed through 4/14/2004 


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